Letter To The Editor: We All Knew!

Dear Editor,

All reasonable, clear-minded Americans quickly understood that what happened in San Bernardino was an act of Radical Islamic Terrorism. We all knew it even before all the facts came in. We knew it because we had enough reasonable information to quickly come to a logical conclusion of what happened. Most of us knew what it was, who it was and where it came from based on the pattern of events.

Everyone seemed to quickly understand what happened in San Bernardino, that is, everyone except the President. This is because, for reasons unknown to any of us, he has a hard time processing the simple fact that a part of Islam is totally out of control. He seems to be more careful with his wording when speaking about Islam than any other religious group. He has no problem wagging his finger at Christians but seems to lack the ability to do the same with the Muslim community. In this regard, the President is not even-handed and ought to be. It is not like Muslim communities world-wide are not just as deserving of a finger-wagging as the Christian or secular communities. After all, Muslims should be responsible for cleaning up Radical Islamic Extremists to protect their own faith. Not the President of the United States.

Following the terrorist shooting, the President did everything within his power to shift the discussion away from Radical Islamic Terrorism to gun laws. He masked it further by commenting about workplace violence. It was as if he was trying to “will” the story into a storyline of thinking that was in line with his world view rather acknowledging what was obvious. He ended the news conference by saying he wanted to wait for all the facts before saying publically what we all already knew.

I had several thoughts running through my mind as I thought about his remarks. My first thought was, why did he wanted to wait for all the facts on this shooting when with many other shootings he had no problem jumping in with conclusions about motives? For example, when a law enforcement officer kills a black man, the President has several times immediately held a news conference and denounced the actions of Law Enforcement and promised justice for the “victim”.  It appears that kind of shooting fits within his ideology to render a public judgement quickly without all the facts. So far, every time, when those cases are brought to a Court of Law, the President’s conclusions didn’t match up to the facts and the jury came to a totally different conclusion. It appears that local law enforcement issues are more real and personal to him than global Radical Islamic Terrorism that has set fire to the Middle East and is now appearing in hot spots around the world.

You learn a lot about the President by what he wants to talk about and what he doesn’t want to talk about when he has the bully pulpit. Our President focuses on topics that he can frame in a way that fits his agenda and ideological views.

My second thought was, if my views are wrong, it is no big deal. I do not run the free world and my views are known to few by comparison. However, if you are the leader of the free world, you just cannot afford to be wrong so often. Sadly, I have never seen a President, in my lifetime, so wrong on so many issues all at the same time. When you are that wrong, that often, you not only divide the world but the very country you are elected and honored to serve.

My third thought was remembering the President’s constant refusal to acknowledge Radical Islamic Terrorism and his repeated declarations that we are not at war with Islam. The truth is the majority of Americans know that with or without his lecturing on the topic. No matter how many times he says we are not at war with Islam, the Radical Islamic Terrorists are going to continue to declare war on us. Their mission is to destroy us and it will always be their mission, unless they are stopped.

Obama’s diminishing of ISIS as the JV squad or his proclamation that ISIS is contained and his policies that supported those beliefs led to three events. First, the unprecedented genocide within the Middle East. Second, the massive refugee crisis pouring out of Syria and Iraq into Europe. Third, the escalation of terrorist attacks outside of the Middle East. Most recently, the terrorist attacks in France and the United States.

On Sunday night, President Obama spoke to the nation from the White House. I was excited to hear what he had to say because I was so sure after the FBI declared it an act of terrorism that he would finally get on the same page with the rest of America. I was shocked to hear him bring up once again workplace violence and gun control. It didn’t matter to me anything he said after that because I knew that he was in denial of the clear and stark realities of Radical Islamic Terrorism. Never did I have such great hope for him to say and do the right thing. Never was I so disappointed.

We all knew it was terrorism when it happened and now we all know this is the wrong President to rid the world of this menace of Radical Islamic Terrorism. The best we can hope for is that nothing more happens on his watch. Because we all know he will have the wrong response again. We all know we will have to wait for the next President to fix what this President has broken. We all know.

Dennis A. Conforto

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