BREAKING NEWS: City Pay Raise Commission Submits Report


This morning, the city’s Quadrennial Advisory Commission submitted its report and recommended changes to the pay levels for the mayor, public advocate, comptroller, borough presidents, council members, and district attorneys.

“I’m grateful to Fritz Schwarz, Jill Bright, Paul Quintero and their staff for dedicating their expertise, time and energy to this extraordinary effort. The commission, which has worked independently and tirelessly since its appointment earlier this year, took a comprehensive look at the issues of management and compensation in City government. I look forward to carefully reviewing the report, and providing my full response by January 13th, as required.”

Mayor de Blasio vowed that “regardless of the report’s recommendation, he will not accept a raise this term.” Since the commission is advisory the Mayor and City Council could accept, reject or modify its recommendations.

In November, the New York Daily News reported that a cabal of City Council members were plotting for a 72% pay raise that would bring their six-figure salaries up to a whopping $192,500.

The News also reported that the City’s five District Attorneys wrote a letter to the commission asking that their pay be hiked to $250,000 a year. Bronx DA Robert Johnson earned opprobrium for advocating that the pay increase be retroactive to 2011.

Critics say that any pay increase should not benefit sitting city officials and only apply to their successors in January 2018. Unionized city workers usually receive pay raises that are retroactive to when their contracts expired.

The independent three-member commission was appointed by Mayor de Blasio in September. It was headed by Fritz Schwarz, the Chief Counsel at the Brennan Center for Justice, and included Jill Bright, Chief Administrative Officer at Condé Nast; and Paul Quintero, Chief Executive Office at ACCION EAST, Inc, a non-profit that helps small business owners gain access to capital and financial education.

As required by the City Administrative Code, Mayor de Blasio appointed the independent Quadrennial Advisory Commission earlier this year. The report was originally scheduled to be completed last month.

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