A Look Ahead: Bronx 2016 Predictions

The Bronx Chronicle asked our contributors, prominent Bronxites and selected readers to ponder the year ahead and to share their predictions. We hope you enjoy our look at the year ahead. The staff of the Bronx Chronicle wish you a happy, safe, and prosperous New Year.

Gary Axlebank, (Host, BronxTalk) 

In 2016 the city will learn that it can balance security concerns with public need and the people of the Bronx will gain greater access to the Jerome Park Reservoir inside the outer fence, thereby further opening up an historic resource for health, fitness, and recreation. 


Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda, Esq. (Member, NYS Assembly)

Raise the age will become a reality in NY. Much to my chagrin, the Mets will win the World Series. The Mayor and the Governor will break bread and work to resolve the homelessness problem in NY. And lastly, your managing editor will be voted father of the year.

David Lesch, Esq. (Host, Today’s Verdict)

“2016 will bring gentrification to the Bronx.  As a trial attorney I will begin to see what I see in Brooklyn, the diversity of the jury pools begin to change.  And with this change, a character of the jury that might not be as sympathetic to the those who have lived in our borough for most if not all of their lives.   I hope it does not happen, but I believe the changes to the demographics of our Bronx will begin to happen at a fast rate.  Much to my dismay.” 


Miriam Quin (Photographer)

My prediction is that I will go to Florida and visit my son and grandkids which I have not seen. My second prediction is that all the Bronx street homeless will have a home before the year 2016 is over.


Sheikh Moussa Dremmeh (Islamic Center of Parkchester)
Africa, the birthplace of mankind, the cradle of civilization, the center of the universe, the symbol of diversity, the jewel of natural beauty, the Mecca of cultures, the global leader in natural resources, and the greatest potential for development is poised to once again be the example of a peaceful coexistence among all people, in harmony with clean nature and its other inhabitants.
A continent that has given so much to the world is again ready to lead in pacifying the increasingly violent world. With its unique attributes for development, coupled with its youth-majority population, peaceful coexistence among all its citizens shall make the continent a perfect paradise to live, raise families, nurture entrepreneurships, vacation destination and investment.

J.C. Polanco, Esq., MBA (Polanco Politics, Univision commentator)

Assembly GOP (where I am NYC Director) picks up several seats in the chamber. There Senate GOP retains control despite a big push by Mayor de Blasio and his progressive allies. Marco Rubio wins the White House with a Rubio-Kasich ticket.


Larry Benjamin (Author, ‘Vampire Rising‘)

The Renaissance of the Bronx will begin. That’s right, The Bronx will come back—it will cease being the butt of jokes and thought of as something to overcome, a place to escape. As young people, priced out of Manhattan and Brooklyn wanting affordability, walkability, diversity, and access to public transportation in an urban setting, turn to The Bronx. The Bronx will rise, from its own ashes, as they begin to see that its long ago glamour and livability are not firmly in the past but also ahead of it (think the Grand Concourse and its Art Deco palaces).


Camella Pinkney-Price (Community activist)
The American public will finally realize that Black Lives (Do) Matter and we should be treated equally.  We will not be dismissive of others but inclusive of ALL.

Professor Mark Naison (Fordham University)
Fordham University, under prodding from students, faculty and alumni, will start recruiting more students from the Bronx, will include more courses on the Bronx in its curriculum, will sponsor more cultural events featuring Bronx artists, and will make it easier for Bronx residents to attend events on Fordham’s Rose Hill campus.


Council Member Vanessa L. Gibson <

The Jerome Avenue Study will enhance economic and affordable housing opportunities for residents of the west Bronx.

Elected officials will continue strong partnerships with community stakeholders that strengthens neighborhoods and uplifts families.

The Bronx will continue to see balanced economic development.

The Bronx will come out strong in numbers during the Presidential Election and help to make HerStory. 


Randy Mason (Mr. Hip Pop, Elements Church)

Perhaps Dr. Ben Carson will be elected president. It’s likely the South Bronx will undergo gentrification. In regards to morals, rights, wrongs, good, and evil, the grey area may broaden even more. My hope is that the arts flourish, and social entrepenuers such as myself will prosper.

Putting purpose and passion before profit, opting to start small businesses as opposed to working for big corporations. The new year is a blank canvas just waiting for paint; and my
educated guess is that in big, fat, bold letters, “GOD” will be plastered across the center of it.

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