Mr. Hip Pop: 365 Days Closer

Mr. Hip Pop_Randy MasonReflection: 365 Days Closer 

by Randy “Mr. Hip Pop” Mason


“365 Days Closer” is a summary of our trajectory last year.

ISIL goes viral / Russell Wilson throws ​The game winning spiral (sorry dad) / Bam shakes hands with US rival / Kendrick & Lecrae bring God to the grammy’s / gay men get married/ cops go psycho / eyes on Eifel / Baltimore pyro-protest / no less rights to rifle / Steph breaks vinyl / then takes title / and states bible / memes are vital / primal man as female idol / gender gyro / pro-choice exposed and chose denial / 70 degrees on Christmas eve/and we’re officially 365 days closer to the final…


The year 2016 will not be determined by our hopes, wishes, resolutions, or even actions on New Year’s Eve or on the morning of Jan. 1, 2016. Instead it will be the fruition of all we planted, cultivated and invested — in the prior days, months, and years — in leading up to this new year.


Randy Mason aka “Mr. Hip Pop” is an artist and blogger who  write about Hip Hop education, faith and fatherhood in the urban context. Randy is also active at Elements Church (4750 Bronx Blvd) in the Bronx. 

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