Reaction to Governor Cuomo’s State of the State Budget Speech

Leaders across NYC responded to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent State of the State Budget Address.




Mayor Bill de Blasio: 


“I think the speech, today, certainly included a lot of progress on some important issues – a lot of real progress for New York City, and I think, for the whole state. We have been working on a number of the issues that the Governor addressed today. These are some of the priorities we’ve had. Obviously, for the last two years, issues like pre-k and supportive housing, $15 dollar minimum wage, affordable housing overall, family leave. These are areas that, I think, are so important for New York City and for New York State, and it’s great to see the state making serious commitments on these fronts – on these fronts, important commitments that I think will help the people of our city and the entire state.”

Eric T. Schneiderman, New York State Attorney General:
“As I said last year — and recent convictions have confirmed — we need to bring real reform to the halls of power.  I am particularly pleased that the Governor has joined the call to tackle the issue of outside income for legislators.  His proposal is an important step forward. The time has come to pass comprehensive ethics reform to restore public trust and confidence in our government.”
Senator John Flanagan, Senate Majority Leader:

“I’m optimistic about New York’s future.”

“We aren’t Upstate or Downstate, we are ONE STATE…the State of New York…bound together by our common values and our shared experiences.

“And if we set the politics aside and work together in a bipartisan manner, there isn’t anything we can’t accomplish.

Today, the Governor presented us with his EXECUTIVE Budget.

We should take it and use it as a road map to an even better ENACTED budget – – one with a significant and meaningful imprint from the members of our Senate Republican Majority.”

Senate Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins:
“Unfortunately, in the past, good ideas have been met with resistance and ultimately blocked in the Republican controlled Senate. While lofty and ambitious goals are welcome, Albany must become a place of action and not just political posturing. The speech had some good ideas including our mutual goals of passing meaningful ethic reforms including restricting outside income, raising the minimum wage, Providing paid family leave, lowering the tax burden on families and businesses, protecting our most vulnerable, fully funding our public education system, and moving our economy forward. Now it is up to the Senate Republicans to stop blocking these proposals and instead work with us, the Governor and the Assembly Majority to move New York State forward.”

Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb:

“The governor has labeled his budget proposal ‘Built To Lead,’ but we must remember that anything we build is on the backs of hard-working taxpayers.”

“As Assembly Minority Leader, I was encouraged to hear the governor put forward priorities that fall in line with a number of Conference proposals, including: pension forfeitures for convicted officials, a Constitutional Convention, greater resources for our State Police and focus on public safety, tax relief for small businesses, tax credits for teachers, and a substantial investment in education.”


Jeremiah Kittredge, CEO, Families for Excellent Schools:

“Governor Cuomo’s proposal is a vital element of fixing funding inequity for charter schools. This budget will help end education inequality and strengthen excellent schools across the state.”
NYC Public Advocate Letitia James:
“Governor Cuomo’s proposal to create ambitious MWBE contracting goals to all municipalities in the State is a game changer that will help ensure we have more equal representation. I am hopeful that this important step will help New York City reach better MWBE targets and result in a stronger and more equal economy for all.”
Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr.: 

“In his ‘State of the State’ today, Governor Cuomo outlined an ambitious agenda on multiple issues that concern our borough, our city and our state. From increasing our state’s minimum wage, or expanding paid family leave, the governor has made a clear pitch to help strengthen families. With increased funding for CUNY and SUNY, a new tax credit for teachers and an $800 million increase in universal pre-K programs, the governor is clearly focused on our public school system.”


Council Member Vanessa Gibson:


“I applaud Governor Cuomo for his dedication to the people of New York and his work to ensure our state continues to lead the nation in social reform and progressive policy. I echo the Governor’s call for the legislature to institute a special prosecutor into law and commend his efforts to expand MWBE goals to local contracts that use state dollars. As Chair of the Committee on Public Safety and as a representative of the Bronx, I was particularly pleased to see the Governor address education, public safety and counter-terrorism, and homelessness and poverty.”


While praising Governor’s lofty rhetoric, Bronx and City officials did not notice that Cuomo’s proposed Executive Budget slams New York City with as much as $800 million more in expenses while reneging on previous pledges to support CUNY and spare local governments from increases in Medicaid. We await statements from Bronx elected officials responding to Governor Cuomo’s “Trojan Horse” ploy.

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