KFC Debuts New Celebrity Colonel Sanders During Super Bowl 50 Pregame

The Real Colonel Sanders Is Back. Yet Again. Seriously. KFC Debuts New Celebrity Colonel During Sunday’s Pregame And Live Stream

LOUISVILLE, KY/PRNewswire/ — Kentucky Fried Chicken® continues to re-introduce  the “real” Colonel Sanders in its newest ad starring actor/comedian/writer/producer Jim Gaffigan. The new Colonel will debut during Sunday’s pregame broadcast to remind fans to stock up on new Nashville Hot Chicken before the game begins, and upgrade their party from traditional wings and chips.

KFC Colonel Sanders_Jim GaffiganThe 30-second ad, titled “Dream,” features Colonel Sanders waking from an apparently recurring nightmare in which Norm Macdonald has stolen the Colonel’s identity and takes credit for KFC’s runaway hit, Nashville Hot Chicken. This spot marks the final appearance of Norm McDonald as the Colonel, who was sent off with a touching tribute in “So Long, Farewell.” It also reminds viewers that KFC’s new Nashville Hot Chicken—the smoky, spicy crispy chicken topped with pickles, which was released earlier this year —is still available for a limited time.

“Every day is a good day for fried chicken,” said Colonel “Jim Gaffigan” Sanders. “Even a random Sunday in February. What’s that… the bowl? No, it’s a bucket of fried chicken, a bowl is entirely too small, even a super one.”

“When I found out Colonel Norm was all a dream and the Real Colonel Sanders is Jim Gaffigan I was stunned.” said Kevin Hochman, KFC US Chief Marketing Officer. “But then I ate some of our new Nashville Hot Chicken and it was all good. If the fans want to see Colonel Norm they can go to YouTube. I did.”

The new ad will air during the CBS broadcast of Sunday’s pregame and in the second half of the live stream of the game. A companion spot, appropriately titled “Nightmare,” features Colonel Sanders waking up from yet another chicken-related nightmare concerning his Nashville Hot Chicken, will launch later this month.

The re-introduction of Colonel Sanders at the forefront of KFC’s marketing efforts has won over previously skeptical consumers. Beginning last summer, with Darrell Hammond’s run as the iconic founder, KFC sales have increased as the brand returns to advertising its core principle of doing things the “hard” way and celebrating its take on Southern cooking.

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