SISFI Suicide Awareness and Prevention Bronx School Tour, Feb. 11 – 29

SISFI and The Suicide Prevention Institute hosts its Suicide Awareness and Prevention Bronx School Tour: Balancing Academics with Emotional Health and Wellness, Feb. 11th-29th 2016 across schools in the Bronx to bring more awareness, services, programs, healing, resources and support for students struggling with life crisis, emotional distress, human suffering with suicide ideations, and supporting families who lost loved ones to suicide and violence.


SISFI tours are scheduled every three months to reach new communities and people about suicide and suicide awareness, early intervention, prevention and post-intervention support resources.


SISFI Suicide Awareness Tour Flyer


Interested school principals and guidance counselors are invited to host a tour stop at their school. SISFI staff and volunteers provide free workshops, presentations, training and resources.

For more information, either email or call 917.651.1889. For full schedule of the upcoming Bronx tour, visit see the SISFI website

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