Opinion: Go Trump!

Dennis ConfortoThe Art of the Deal!


By Dennis A Conforto

I have been thinking lately about Donald Trump and the Art of the Deal. In following his campaign for President, it has become apparent that he really does understand and practice the Art of the Deal. The art of spending money and getting a real return for it.

Compared to rest of the Presidential candidates, Trump has spent far less and gotten a hundred times more for the money spent on his campaign. In addition, he has forced those who profit from his media ratings to donate money to various charities. To my way of thinking, that is the Art of the Deal!

I don’t always agree with this controversial man, but I have to admit and so should you, that he really does know the Art of the Deal. Now the question for me is simple, what do I want the next President to do? What is important?

Frankly, what I want most are good deals for our country and the American people. I have never seen a country like America, that is so smart, be so stupid for such a long sustained period of time. I am stunned at where America is today verses where America should be. I really do want the Art of the Deal.

When I look at $19 trillion in national debt, I know that is not a good deal. When I see an increase in our poverty and welfare numbers, I know that is not a good deal. When I see our average wages going down I know that is not a good deal. When I see trillions of dollars in unbalanced foreign trade, I know that is a bad deal.  When I see millions of American jobs going overseas because of a crazy politically motivated tax policy, I know that is not a good deal. When I see our government leaders spend on average $700 billion more than we give in taxes, I know that is not a good deal. When I see the deals we made with terrorists or the insane Iran nuclear deal, I know they are bad deals that will only prove to be far worse deals than what we see and understand them to be today.

The truth is our government is bloated, inefficient and giving the American people a bad deal, a raw deal. If the American government was in the private sector not only would it be bankrupt it would also be sued for corruption, false claims, bribery and for being nothing more than the largest Ponzi scheme ever created. Our Government leaders make Wall Street executives look like saints and angels which is really saying something. It is ironic that the Government protects itself and commits more fraud and abuse in a week that all of Wall Street in a year.

The political elite are far more dangerous than the billionaire elite. They are more dangerous because of the concentration of power they have. It is impossible prosecute them or hold them accountable for their decisions and actions. Not only are they above the law they write the laws themselves!

So here we are at this crazy crossroad.  An election between Clinton, the politically elite, and Trump, the billionaire elite.

If you look at how much money Clinton is spending to win the Presidency versus what Trump is spending, you can see the Art of the Deal in play. Clinton will spend ten times more money than Donald will to do the same thing. Why is this important? Because it demonstrates their complete opposite philosophies about money and budgets. We are seeing Hillary’s big government thinking versus Trump’s private sector thinking on spending and return. We are seeing a real life example of how the political elite spend money with little return compared to an experienced business man and leader. There is no comparison to the real-life experience of accountability and consequences of the business world.

Are you sick and tired of seeing trillions being wasted on bad deals, stupid deals and corrupt deals? Are you sick and tired of the politically elite trying to convince us how smart they are? I am. The numbers tell me one thing and one thing only… they are dumber than a box of rocks or they are corrupt. They don’t know what a good deal is and never did. Their solution is to spend more and more money with little regard for the return on investment for that money. This is why the results from the politically elite are so poor and have always been poor.

Sure, there is more to America than just the Art of the Deal.  Yes, we have complex social issues but none of that will matter if we don’t start right now to get the right deal, the best deal… the very best value for our money. Today and with great shame, we are the world’s largest debtor thanks to the politically elite. We will fail if we don’t change course quickly and decisively. We have little time left to debate the obvious truth….that we are getting bad deals out of Washington every day that are getting worse as time moves forward.

I expect better, faster and more complete services from our government. I am no longer willing to let our government be totally and completely incompetent in how they spend our money. I’m so tired of political speak that sounds good and performs badly. I guess I am ready for harsh talk that sounds crazy and awful but performs well.

I know value when I see it. I want the Art of the Deal for my country, my friends and my family!  Go Trump!


Dennis Conforto is President & CEO of Rancho Conforto of Idaho and National HouseCheck Corporation. 

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