Community Outreach Day on Suicide Awareness and Prevention

On Saturday March 19, SISFI, The Suicide Prevention Institute, NYC Suicide Council, the NY Human Suffering and Wellness Coalition and their community partners were in The Bronx for a Community Outreach Day on Suicide Awareness and Prevention.


SISFI_Suicide Prevention


Due to the increase in numbers of completed suicides, cuttings, overdoses and attempts occurring in The Bronx, Brent Scudder and SISFI created a strategic plan of education and awareness for Bronx residents about available services, resources and programs that address emotional wellness, addiction, mental health and mental illness.


SISFI Wellness Flyer


On Saturday, Mr. Scudder and his team were on the streets of the South Bronx and in the Gun Hill community handing out information sheets about depression, addiction, trauma and suicide with a list of service providers so at-risk person and the people who love them can know who to call and where to go for services.

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