Senator Klein Negotiates Re-stabilization of 82 Bronx Apartements

Previously de-stabilized units restored to rent rolls


BRONX, NY – State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) announced today that, with the help of Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and the New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR), he negotiated the re-regulation of 82 apartments in The Bronx.


The units, which are part of several buildings owned by Goldfarb Properties, had previously been removed from the rent rolls, in some cases by the previous owner and, in others, after Goldfarb claimed vacancies. When Senator Klein learned of the de-regulated apartments at 2160 Matthews Avenue,  1135 Pelham Parkway North, and 1130 and 1540 Pelham Parkway South, his office began working closely with tenants’ associations in the buildings, eventually partnering with the Attorney General and HCR’s Tenant Protection Unit (TPU). After discussions with Senator Klein’s office, the Attorney General’s Office and HCR, Goldfarb agreed to re-regulate a total of 82 units.


“As our city works hard to try to expand affordable housing for our working- and middle-class, it is incredibly important to ensure that we are protecting the affordable housing that already exists. I am proud to announce that with this wave of re-regulation, we have been able to push this landlord to restore these 82 units, thereby protecting these tenants and their families who rely on affordable rents. I want to thank Attorney General Schneiderman and New York State Homes and Community Renewal’s Tenant Protection Unit for their help,” said Senator Klein.


I am pleased my office could work with Senator Klein and HCR to return dozens of Bronx apartments back to rent regulation. Today’s settlement is an important example of the work we can and must do to uphold tenant rights and preserve affordable housing across the city,” said Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman.


“The Governor’s Tenant Protection Unit works in every neighborhood on behalf of tenants’ rights. This case represents a win for the tenants and the Bronx. The TPU, as a member of the City/State Tenant Harassment Prevention Task Force, moved proactively to help the tenants in these buildings and returned over 80 units that were improperly de-regulated. In doing so, the Governor’s TPU has helped to stem the loss of rent regulated housing in working and middle-class neighborhoods, ensuring that long-term tenants can stay in their homes, said HCR Commissioner James S. Rubin.


Tenants were recently notified that their apartments have been returned to the rent regulation rolls, detailing the lowered rent amounts and future rent protections tenants will soon enjoy.


One tenant, Ronald Allen, was thrilled to learn that his apartment was among those re-stabilized. A tenant in the building for years, Allen’s family no longer worries about spiking rents when they look to renew.


In another unit, a senior couple learned that because their apartment will be re-regulated, they are now eligible to apply for the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption program. Sulma and Charles Martinez were previously ineligible for the program, because their apartment had been de-regulated. However, with a newly re-regulated apartment, they will now be eligible to apply to freeze their rent  —  removing any worry that they may not be able to afford to live out their golden years in their home.


“I especially want to thank Senator Klein and his office for all of the hard work that they did in getting over 80 units, including mine at 2160 Matthews Avenue, re-established as rent stabilized. It is so difficult to make ends meet in New York City, everything is going up — food, clothing and transportation. The only thing not rising is your paycheck. All over the city it has become increasingly difficult to find affordable places to live, and when you do find a place, you find out that your apartment has illegally been removed from rent stabilization. It is a great feeling to know that there is someone that you can turn to for help. Senator Klein and his people have proven to me that they strongly support in the Affordable Housing Act and they will fight tooth and nail to see that landlords adhere to the law. Without their help, I honestly don’t know where my family would be living right now,” said Ronald Allen, resident.


“Things have been difficult with the rising cost of living, but we are thankful for Senator Jeff Klein. I was so pleased to learn that my apartment will be re-regulated, which means that my husband and I can now apply for Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption benefits. Now we know that we can stay in our home. It is commendable that Senator Klein and his office have heard our voices as constituents, and we are able to get the help that we need,” said Sulma Martinez, resident.

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