UPDATE: Oil Spill in the Bronx River Getting Resolved

Photo Credit: arbyreed via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: arbyreed via Compfight cc


UPDATE: Oil Spill in the Bronx River Getting Resolved


After the oil spill in Yonkers, Bronx River Alliance reported that the recent heating oil spill in Bronx River is now being resolved, thanks to all the whole scale support that has helped to clear up the oil spill.


In its news section, the organization said that they received confirmation from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) on March 10th that they have “removed all sorbent booms and hard booms from between 233rd St. to the Fordham boom in the Bronx.”


However, DEC kept the Fordham boom in the river longer to allow their staff and various crews to clean out the storm sewer lines that cleaned up and transported the oil. The remaining boom is also expected to filter any of the oil left until it flushes away through natural causes.


“Over 100 cubic yards of trash, debris, and other materials were removed from the river in this area as clean-up crews removed oil from the river,” the report said.


Although no one was injured by the spill, the oil that was supposed to be delivered on Feb 27th affected a major percentage of crude supply in said area.


Last month, New York experienced the biggest two-day drop of crude prices in almost seven years that affected the US crude stockpiles. In only two days, oil fell by 11 percent, even with a rise in supply.


Across many prime extraction sites, installation of gas treatment plants with compressor stations is still ongoing in Iraq and other crude producing sites in the Middle East.


Oil and gas projects related to procurement, fabrication, installation and construction are still evident in said areas, proving that crude shows no signs of slowing down even with its recent price drop in the world market.


Thankfully, the oil spillage hasn’t created much of a problem in the overall supply in the Bronx region, and the environmental effects in the Bronx River seemed to have been controlled. It was in late February when an oil truck carrying 6,500 gallons of heating oil had an accident on Bronx River Road. As much as 600 gallons of oil spilled out into the river while around 2,000 gallons spilled onto the roadway, which the Yonkers Fire Department chief revealed to be “a major cleanup operation.”


Marine units were immediately dispatched to set up the boom to filter the spillage in the river.

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