Monroe College / 4th Annual Female Empowerment Event

Monroe College Held Their 4th Annual Female Empowerment Event on March 24th, 2016


Event Inspires Local High School Women of Color to Find the Confidence and Determination to Pursue their Personal, Academic, and Professional Dreams


Monroe College, a national leader in educating urban and international students, held its 4th Annual Female Empowerment Event on March 24 to inspire young women of color from local high schools to pursue their personal, academic, and professional dreams.


“Be You,” the theme of this year’s event, was selected to encourage the 300 attending high school juniors and seniors to recognize, appreciate, explore and embrace their individuality. Monroe College staff member Tanya Dean, a two-time Daily News Golden Glove boxing champion who had overcome significant challenges in her childhood to achieve great personal and professional success, gave the opening remarks. A rousing keynote address was subsequently delivered by television news reporter Lisa Evers, who also shared personal stories of the obstacles she overcame to become one of New York’s best-known broadcast journalists.


Following the speeches, attendees broke out into smaller groups of 10 to meet with one of the 40 accomplished Monroe College female faculty and staff members who acted as mentors, sharing their personal stories of achievement, listening to students speak to their challenges and goals, and encouraging them to pursue their dreams despite any perceived odds. Through such candid engagement and role modeling, the mentors work to encourage students to envision and aspire to similar success.


“Monroe College is very proud of its role in the community to improve educational opportunities and outcomes for all students, but especially young men and women of color who do not always have comparable access to the financial resources, academic experiences, and social structures that we know are critical to later personal and professional success,” said Dr. Cecil Wright, Ed. D, Dean of Admissions at Monroe College and director of its student empowerment programs.


He continued: “This year’s Female Empowerment Event focused on the specific experiences of young minority women in high school, helping them see the importance of rising above their circumstances and challenges, believing in themselves, and rejecting unhealthy and unrealistic social pressures and expectations that can undermine their self-esteem and self-confidence and stop them from being the best version of themselves that they can be.”


Monroe’s Female Empowerment Event was held at Monroe’s Bronx Campus in King Hall. It is holding its annual Male Empowerment Event at the same location on March 31.


Keynote speaker Lisa Evers is a Fox 5 News general assignment reporter, covering topics all over the tri-state area. Lisa is also well known for her Hot 97 talk show, Street Soldiers, which has been on the air for over a decade. Street Soldiers tackles issues that effect a young urban audience, and features high profile celebrities, community leaders and influencers discussing hot button social issues. On a recent show, Lisa and her guests discussed the pressures that women and girls often face as a result of media portrayals of women.


Tanya Dean, who opened today’s event, has served as a role model and mentor to many women and youth, helping them overcome struggles, obstacles, and trauma in order to be their most successful selves. A member of Monroe College’s staff, she is a two-time Daily News Golden Glove boxing champion, a certified personal trainer/group fitness instructor, and a motivational speaker and life coach. Her love of roller skating led her to found SKATEROBICS™ and the Sisters in Motion roller skating dance troupe.

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