Community-Based Organizations Receive Free Defibrillators

defib2BRONX — New York City Council Member Andy King congratulated and presented defibrillators to representatives from Northeast Bronx community-based organizations that completed a CPR training Monday evening (April 4th) on use of the devices.

The packed training session was held at the Morris Park Community Center, Bronx, as a part of the “Beating Hearts” initiative sponsored by the New York City Council.


As a part of the $350,000 FY16 initiative program, council members from all 51 districts, selected four (4) community-based organizations in need of defibrillators – particularly organizations that work with children, seniors or engage in physical activities.

The goal of this initiative is to ensure organizations are well prepared for cardiac arrest emergencies, as research shows that early intervention during a cardiac arrest strongly increases an individual’s likelihood of surviving. Sudden cardiac arrests outside of hospitals are responsible for an estimated 160,000 deaths a year nationally. In cases where cardiac arrest is caused by an abnormal heart rhythm, known as ventricular fibrillation or tachycardia, death may be averted if a quick and effective shock is delivered with a defibrillator and a normal rhythm restored.

“We’ve heard testimony in the City Council from individuals who are grateful that an organization or junior ball park had a defibrillator on hand during an emergency. This life-saving technology is essential to have around and it’s great that we can do what we can to help community-based organizations obtain a defibrillator and train their staff on how to use it,” said Council Member King (12th CD).

Monday night’s recipients included St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Wakefield; the Williamsbridge NAACP Early Childhood Education Center, Coop City’s Velocity Track Club, as well as the Morris Park Community Association and other organizations from Council Member James Vacca’s district and around the Bronx.  Each organization received one Automatic External Defibrillator and a storage cabinet.


Training and AED placement was provided by the Staten Island Heart Society (SIHS).

Caption Defib1: From left, EMT Kevin Hazel, SIHS; Tony Signorile, president of the Morris Park Community Association; EMT John Wilson, SIHS, Council Member James Vacca, Rachel Volpe, RN, SIHS, Council Member Andy King and EMT Joe Pessalano, SIHS.

Caption Defib2: Council Member Andy King, 12th CD, distributes defibrillators to community-based organizations that received CPR training on Monday.

Photos Courtesy of the Office of Council Member Andy King.

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