Craft of War Writing Workshop Engages Thoughtfully with Veterans & Civilians

IMG_20160423_1402092From April 2 through June 11, the Morris Park Library has been host to the “Craft of War Writing” workshop in partnership with Voices From War. It is funded by The Bronx Council of The Arts and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs Arts Development Fund.

Instructed by veteran and CB11 District Manager Jeremy Warneke, the workshop invites all, veterans and non-veterans alike, to join and explore elements of craft in combat writing to hone their writing and literary communication skills.   No prior writing experience is required. The workshop hosts authors and other writers to speak and reflect on their craft, as well, providing welcome insight into the creative process.

Warneke, a Sarah Lawrence College graduate and published writer, served in Iraq as a member of the Army National Guard from May 2003 to July 2004. Having attended Kara Krauze’s “Voices from War” workshop, he decided to become an instructor of the program. He has been published in Task & Purpose, Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, Vols. 3 and 4, Afterwords, Scintilla, as well as here in The Chronicle. He also previously headed ‘Standing Down: From Warrior to Civilian’ a veterans reading and discussion workshop at the Morris Park library.

I have attended a few sessions myself.  Being a non-veteran, I have no personal military experience to draw from. I have a history with veterans in my upbringing, however, and I appreciated the perspectives on combat and post-war life that the workshop presented. Through the reading material and other attendees, I came away with an even deeper respect for those who served, as well as a nuanced  appreciation for the trials they and their loved ones may face upon return from combat. The group is very diverse and thoughtful, ranging from veterans and relatives of veterans to those purely interested in the compelling material.

Anyone interested in attending these workshops or future ones can contact Voices from War at

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