Laborers union hosted a Bronx “teach-in” on Jerome Avenue Rezoning

Over 60 people of the community showed up to learn about the Jerome Avenue rezoning. Specifically, they were there to learn about how pre-apprenticeship/Apprenticeship programs as well as safety and training programs could be included for workers.

“This teach-in was the start of many more community events to come. The Laborers will continue to do all levels of community outreach in the next several months to inform current residents on the Jerome Avenue rezoning, and how they can get involved to ensure a housing plan that is inclusive and provides real career-track jobs,” said GNY LECET Executive Director Pat Purcell.

Three members from Laborers Local 79 spoke to the crowd and shared their stories. All three speakers were from the Bronx. All with moving stories on how the union changed their lives. Two actually live right in the rezoned area.

“We shouldn’t have to chose between real affordable housing and good jobs. We need both. When this housing gets built we need to ensure that the workers building the units are from the community, properly trained, and paid a middle class wage,” said Carmen Vega-Rivera, a CASA Leader.

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