Westchester Square BID Brings Bollywood in The Bronx


“The Bronx is diverse and this event gives us the opportunity to showcase the many businesses in the area along with the talents of various artists, groups and organizations,” said Lisa Sorin, Executive Director of the Westchester Square Business Improvement District.

The 4th Annual Bollywood In The Bronx celebration is one of many events held with the BID at the Owen Dolen Park, featuring Bollywood Dancers, Tassa Players, Singers, Belly Dancers, Urban Artists, Poets, Mexican Dance Group, Reading Tour and tunes by DJ Nitro.

“When people come out they don’t know what to expect, but then they see the performances and hear the music and they start to move to the beats,” said Bharati S. Kemraj, Event Organizer and Founder of the Bharati Dance Academy. “The idea in 2013 was to give the community a ‘Taste of Indian and Caribbean Cultures’ and today, we continue to showcase the vibrant colors of the different locals who are from somewhere else,” she added.

Throughout the program, people from all over came, sat and took the opportunity interact with the Artists. People at the train station and the bus stops around the area, took the time to wave and even recorded the performances from afar.

“This is the youth and community coming together to show how proud they are of their cultures and they are sharing their roots with everyone. This is what The Bronx is all about and we see it here at Westchester Square in one event,” said Kris Dilchand whose daughter Sara, performed in the program sponsored by the WSBID.

The Westchester Square Business Improvement District is focused on the stabilization, commercial revitalization, and economic growth of the business district in Westchester Square. For all things happening visit: www.wsbid.org
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