Pro-Gun Advocate Releases Video, “[Why] I Carry A Gun’

In the aftermath of the recent media reporting surrounding the gun violence in San Bernadino, California, Orlando, Florida, and Nice, France, an anonymous concealed carry advocate made a 4 minute video on why he carries a concealed gun and believes that the Second Amendment is important. The video is a recitation of facts justifying the Right to Bear Arms.

According to the Smart Gun Laws blog (Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence):

“People carrying hidden, loaded handguns in public create unnecessary risks of intentional or accidental shootings. The presence of concealed guns increases the risk that everyday disagreements will escalate into shootouts, especially in places where disputes frequently occur—in bars, at sporting events, and in traffic. Permissive concealed carry laws violate the shared expectation that public places will be safe environments free from guns and gun violence.

Over the past 30 years, states across the country have dramatically weakened their laws regulating the carrying of concealed weapons by private citizens (“CCW laws”). These changes have significantly expanded the number of people who have permits to carry hidden, loaded handguns (“CCW permits”) and the number of public locations in which they may be carried.

Most states places some restrictions on where concealed firearms may be carried, including restrictions in bars, schools, and hospitals, and at public sporting events. There are states where proposals have been introduced to permit CCW in bars, colleges, and sports venues. Texas just authorized CCW on college campuses there. Governor Greg Abbott and the GOP-controlled state legislature spearheaded a new state law giving college students with concealed carry licenses permission to walk onto most Texas college campuses with their firearms.

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