Gloves Come Off in 86th AD Rematch

​The gloves are coming off against Bronx Assemblyman Victor Pichardo’s opponent Hector Ramirez in their 86th AD rematch contest. Glossy two-sided campaign mailers hitting the mailboxes of Democratic primary voters in the 86th Assembly District reminding them that Mr. Ramirez is presently under indictment for election fraud. The mailers are emblazoned with “We can’t trust him to represent us!” in both English and Spanish.

Ramirez, a former Democratic district leader and candidate for Assembly in 2014, was indicted on 242 counts of election fraud in May 2015. The charges stem from the 2014 primary election where Ramirez was accused of election fraud involving absentee ballots. Assemblyman Pichardo — who party insiders have nicknamed “Landslide” — narrowly won that Democratic primary by TWO votes in a Bronx Board of Elections supervised manual recount against Ramirez.

Hector Ramirez​ and Ana Cuevas (Ramirez’s campaign manager in 2014) were indicted by then-Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson on seven counts for each allegedly false instrument submitted to The Board of Elections in the City of New York​ totaling 242 counts involving absentee ballots and applications for some 32-35 persons, some of whom were not even eligible to vote.

Hector Ramirez_No Al Fraude-NYDailyNewsThe pair were accused of acting together in falsifying and submitting fraudulent absentee ballot applications and ballots bearing the names of voters between August 14 and primary day, September 9, 2014 and inducing ineligible persons to vote in that primary.

Mr Ramirez has entered a plea of not guilty to the charges. Last year, his attorney Angel Cruz told the Bronx Chronicle that his client “looks forward to a trial where he expects to be vindicated.”

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