Tech Focus: No Brainer PC Upgrades

​Tech Focus: No Brainer PC Upgrades

By Rob Guiffre 

Computer prices have bottomed out recently.  Brand new “budget” laptops from Costco or BJ’s sell for about $300.  However, the adage “you get what you pay for” certainly applies.  In many instances, consumers are better off upgrading an older computer than buying a brand new machine with bottom tier components. Right now, the single best PC upgrade is installing a solid state hard drive (SSD).

vps-ssd-vs-hddConventional hard drives (HDD) have not seen drastic technical breakthroughs since they were first mass produced over 30 years ago.  Sure, storage sizes have increased by gigantic multiples; and, sure, read / write speeds have dramatically improved.  But the biggest setback for HDDs — that they still operate via moving mechanical parts — remain.  This is why older computers often take so long to boot up and programs respond so slowly: the slow HDD causes your PC to bottleneck.

SSDs have no moving parts.  Since there are no moving parts, boot up times are often under 30 seconds, programs/apps respond much, much faster when launched and overall performance is increased drastically.  In fact, it isn’t a stretch to say that a SSD can bring brand new life into an older laptop or desktop.

Before you chuck your laptop and buy a rinky-dink disposable machine from Costco or BJ’s, consider upgrading your existing machine with a solid state hard drive.  It will be much cheaper and there is a good chance it will perform better than a brand new bottom tier model.  If you do buy that rinky-dink laptop, you should install a SSD to transform it out of the bottom tier and give yourself a PC that will last.

Rob Giuffre is a Network+ and A+ certified computer/network technician and sole owner of RatCat Computers.  SSD installs start as low as $60, with full one-year service warranty.  Call 347-538-6231 for a free quote and to schedule a service appointment for a SSD install or any computer or network issue.  

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