Profile America: Centenarians Day

‚ÄčThursday, September 22 — The average age of the American population is on a steady climb, and the national median is a bit over 37 years. As people grow older, many tend to become a little vague about their exact age. After about 85, though, they tend to become proud of their longevity. Not too many years ago, someone who had lived to be 100 was a true rarity. Even today, those reaching 100 are contacted by the White House, and often the national and local media. Now, generations of good nutrition and medical care are paying off, and the picture has changed. On this National Centenarians Day, there are some 55,000 Americans aged 100 or over, some 81 percent of them women. In 1980, the number was 32,000. 

You can find more facts about America from the U.S. Census Bureau.

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