The East Bronx History Forum Off Site Meeting – October 19th

The Huntington Free Library and Reading Room is pleased to announce The East Bronx History Forum will hold its 114th meeting on Wednesday, October 19th. 2016. The East Bronx History Forum meets to discuss Bronx History and held its first meeting June 2005. All meetings are free and open to the public.

This meeting is very special for a few reasons. Members and guests will be treated to an exclusive visit to the New York Institute for Special Education, located at 999 Pelham Parkway North. The NYISE was founded in 1831 as a school for the blind, and was named the New York Institute for the Education, of the Blind and located in Manhattan.

The Institute struggled for a location to expand from its original location at 34th street in Manhattan but it was the unfortunate sinking of the Titanic that led to the availability of land to relocate to the Bronx. John Hernandez, archivist for the Institute will unravel this fascinating story as well as its long history and personalities, one who later became President of the U.S.

The New York Institute for Special Education maintains a long list of teachers, students and benefactors that have excelled over the years. Their fascinating story is told in the the three museum halls and rooms located on the campus. The 1930 postcard of the Blind Institute Track Team is an example of the forward thinking of the teachers at NYISE. The students learned early on that they could achieve and succeed in any endeavor they applied and worked for. If fact, the NYISE is one or only school to have a blind rowing team started in the 1950’s and which trained on the Harlem River.

Please join us at 7:30 pm Wednesday October 19th at the New York Institute for Special Education campus located between Bronxwood Avenue & Williamsbridge Road, with its parking entrance and security gate at Astor Avenue (opposite Christopher Columbus High School).

Please view the East Bronx History Forum web page at for additional information and follow us on Facebook

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