Trump Protests Spark Gridlock, Arrests

Trump Protests Spark Gridlock, Arrests
by David Greene with photos by Andre Rivera

A nearly week-long protest outside of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, the current home of President-elect Donald Trump, has created a gridlock nightmare of street closures in the center of Manhattan–as dozens of protests against Trump have been reported around the country.

Before Trump ever won the election, a large anti-Trump crowd had gathered outside of Trump Tower, when security officials took the unprecedented step of surrounding the front of the building with sanitation trucks. Hours later the Federal Aviation Administration would declare the air-space over Trump Tower, a no-fly zone.


Photos courtesy of Andre Rivera

Less than an hour after Trump was declared the winner, at just before 3 a.m. on Wednesday, November 9, demonstrators in Oakland, California were reported to be lighting fires and chanting, “Not my president.”

As the federal courthouse in White Plains, NY., opened for business on Wednesday morning, Hazmat and Bomb Squad units were called for a suspicious device and and unknown powder, both which turned out to be harmless.

As sunset fell Wednesday, two groups of protesters gathered in Union Square and Columbus Circle in Manhattan. The Columbus Circle group marched to the West Side Highway, where many were arrested for blocking traffic.


Photos courtesy of Andre Rivera

The evening-long protest ended back at Trump Tower, where an estimated 10,000 demonstrated from across the street.

According to the NYPD, 65 individuals were arrested on Wednesday night and one person was arrested Thursday. All of those arrested were processed and issued desk appearance tickets and would return to court to answer the charges, in most cases the charge was disorderly conduct.

Protests were also reported in Phoenix, Boston, Los Angeles, Portland and Philadelphia.

In Seattle, Washington five people were shot at an anti-Trump rally, but police say the shooting was unrelated to the protest.

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