Tech Focus: Linux OS – Part 2

Tech Focus: Linux Part 2

Last week, a reader asked:  “I first heard about Linux back in the 90’s and the big selling feature was that it was safer and less prone to viruses and hackers.  Is this true?”

linus mintIn short, the answer to this question is a simple yes; however, there is some gray area to explain.

Linux is not safer due to magic or really anything special about the security features of an individual program’s code or any other technical features inherit within the Linux kernel.

Linux is based on a repository system. Which means, if a user only installs programs from a given repository, the likelihood of accidentally downloading something malicious is almost nonexistent.    Windows users often think they are downloading a harmless piece of software, but they are really downloading some form of malware.  This is almost impossible on Linux because users do not download software from public websites.  Some exceptions exist, but they are mostly reputable sources (for example Google’s Chrome web browser).  

In addition, the Linux community just happens to be made of people who are less likely to do anything malicious.  This has a lot to due with the fact that Linux is open-source and everyone can see exactly what is inside the app/software/program, which makes it very hard to hide malware.  

Lastly, since Linux has such a tiny share of the home desktop OS market, it sort of stays under the radar because most malware and other various “viruses” are coded for Windows and Mac systems.

So just making a blanket statement of “Linux is safer” is a somewhat dubious, yet truthful statement.  

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