pic-1Bronx, NYState Senator Jeff Klein (D- Bronx/Westchester) and AHRC NYC Executive Director Gary Lind unveiled a new art center on Thursday at Howie Stone Adult Day Care. They were also joined by the family of the late Howie Stone.

The innovative art center is funded with a $156,000 grant from Senator Klein. Inside a virtual reality room, participants use strokes of motion to help create masterpieces. For those without motor skills in their hands, eye movements become their brushes in another space. The center also offers digital and traditional photography.

“I am proud to have secured $156,000 in state funding for the creation for this center, which blends tradition and technology for these budding artists. It is crucial to provide these therapeutic resources and tools for our participants so that they can continue to experience self-empowerment,” said Senator Jeff Klein.

“We at AHRC New York City are grateful for the funding from New York State made possible through the leadership of Senator Jeffrey Klein. This funding has provided us with the means to create a new community art center, merging fine art and innovative state of the art digital technologies and will offer access to artistic self-expression to people who have intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities and traumatic brain injuries and have interests in the arts. It will also offer local artists from the Bronx without disabilities, for example, students from Lehman High School, an opportunity to share their creativity, to use the space and to mentor artists with disabilities,” said Gary Lind, executive director, AHRC New York City.

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