Trump Transition News Video Message

In a new Transition Team video released on Monday, President-elect Donald J. Trump updated the American people on his “putting America First” plans from day one of his presidency to the 100th day, including executive actions and policy matters, as well as the progress of Transition Team efforts.

Trump outlined a few of the steps he plans to take to reform Washington and rebuild the middle class. He promised to provide more updates in the coming days, as his Presidential Transition Team works on his policy priorities to fulfill his campaign pledge to Make America Great Again.


Trump has been holding meetings with numerous potential Trump Administration appointees. Today, numerous media organizations are reporting that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley will be tapped as United Nations Ambassador. Gov. Haley, an Indian American, is the first woman and person of color to accept a cabinet position in the Trump White House. Dr. Ben Carson, a one-time rival has been offered the post of HUD Secretary. Dr. Carson said he will use the Thanksgiving holiday to make his decision. Previously, Carson turned down  being head of Health and Human Services.

Last Friday Trump announced some of his first selections for the Trump-Pence administration. U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions was chosen for the position of Attorney General, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn for Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, and Rep. Mike Pompeo as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

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