Yankees Next Derek Jeter?

Is Gleyber Torres the Yankees Next Derek Jeter?

Gleyber Torres in the Arizona Fall League. Credit: Ryan "Moose" Morris

Gleyber Torres in the Arizona Fall League. Credit: Ryan “Moose” Morris

By Christopher Saunders

The prize catch of the Arodis Chapman trade is nineteen year old shortstop Gleyber Torres, who was named the MVP of the 2016 Arizona Fall League despite being the second-youngest rookie playing.

The Yankees’ newest phenom hit .403/.513/.645 with three home runs and four stolen bases in 76 plate appearances, despite facing upper-minors competition for the first time and seeing his first extended professional action at second base.

With that said, could Torres be the next Derek Jeter?

According to an assistant to an unnamed National League General Manager, Torres has some of the same qualities that Derek Jeter at a young age.

“He’s got that aura about him. That big league aura. It’s like a confidence you see in very talented players and he’s got it. You never want to compare a shortstop in the Yankees organization to Derek Jeter, but Jeter had that ‘it’ about him at a young age as well.”

The Jeter comparison is never a fair one to make when discussing a young Yankees shortstop. That’s too much pressure to put on anyone’s shoulders.

At the same time, you can make the case that Torres is actually a better prospect than Jeter was at this point in his career. Torres has more power and plays better defense.

It’s been awhile since the Yankees have had a clear, no-doubt superstar in their system.

While there have been quite a number of “can’t misses” — Kevin Mass, Ed Yarnall, Hideki Irabu, Ricky Ledee — who missed, the Yankees have produced more than a few prospects that have become bon fide stars over the years.

You have to go back to the “Core Four” (Jorge Posada, Andy  Pettitte, Bernie Williams, Derek Jeter) being the most recent set of rookies to make a major impact on the Yankees and Major League Baseball.

The new “Baby Bombers” such as Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez have had serious questions about their game, whereas Torres seems to get nothing but high praise from evaluators.

Jeter turned in over 3,000 hits and had one of the best careers any shortstop has ever had. Torres, after hitting .403 with a .513 OBP and 1.158 OPS in the Arizona Fall League, is on his way to making a mark in pinstripes within the next few years.

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