Tech Focus: AMD Impresses with New Lineup

Advance Micro Devices (AMD) Impresses with New Lineup

Intel is a household name in America.  Advance Micro Devices (AMD)?  Not so much.  However, AMD is looking to change that with its new lineup of CPUs (Ryzen “Zen”), video cards (Radeon) and their matching brand new chipset (AM4) which were displayed earlier this month at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to much fanfare – even from Intel “fanboys.”

Intel has dominated the desktop, laptop and gaming computer market for about the last ten years taking a giant share of serious gamers, video editors and other computer enthusiast dollars.  AMD appears on track to again return to their glory days when they were a worthy and serious competitor to Intel’s thrown.  Back in 2006 AMD had almost half of the PC market; in 2016 that number shrunk to 18.4%.

The problem with the lack of intense competition was that many gamers and computer enthusiasts have accused Intel of resting on its laurels.  That criticism is valid.  If one looks at Intel’s CPU lineup over the last decade of so, it is apparent that the rapid performance growth of the 90’s and early 2000’s has stalled to a snail pace.   AMD getting their act together is great news for the entire computer industry and community.  Not only will AMD offer consumers a second valid option, but Intel will be forced to both lower prices on their lineup and put more effort into research and development.  

In many areas the desktop personal computer is dead.  Smartphones and tablets have replaced much of the daily use of average users.  However a large number of people still rely on the desktop computer.  If all goes well – and virtual reality technology continues to grow and expand – we could be on the cusp of a desktop computer renaissance and see a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth…you get the idea) wave of rapid technological growth in personal computers.  

Tech Focus will continue to monitor the development and launch of AMD’s new lineup.   AMD’s stock is now trading at at $10.72.  It was listed at $6.30 on November 10, 2016 and as low as $1.90 in February of 2016.  

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