West Farms Shooting Prompts Safety Improvements

Torres, Sepulveda Announce New Safety Improvements in the West Farms Section of The Bronx
Following the Recent Horrific Shooting of Cindy Diaz in Front of West Farms Convenience Store, Electeds Joined by NYPD & Resident Leaders Dedicate New Resources to Prevent Violence
Following last weekend’s fatal shooting of Cindy Diaz, a mother of four young children and resident of Lambert Houses, Councilman Ritchie Torres, joined by Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda, representative of Councilman Rafael Salamanca, and State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr., announced new safety improvements and resources to prevent future senseless acts of violence in the West Farms neighborhood.
Councilman Torres announced that he has already allocated $350,000 to the NYPD, and will add an additional $175,000, for a total of $525,000 for NYPD security cameras and safety improvements in Council District 15 that encompasses West Farms. The Councilman is urging the NYPD to place the cameras in West Farms where they are desperately needed. In addition, a lighting study has been requested to the City’s Department of Transportation in order to install new lighting fixtures in the community.
“This horrific tragedy has our entire community speechless and we must act now in order to prevent future acts of violence. By allocating more resources for safety improvements and pedestrian security, and by working together with the NYPD and community leaders, we hope to curb criminal activity in West Farms. My condolences and prayers are with the Diaz family, and we will remain vigilant in capturing the suspect and ensuring the family receives justice,” said Councilman Torres.
Assemblyman Sepulveda has already allocated $500,000 for NYPD cameras and security measures in the neighborhood. The NYPD is in the process of installing the cameras. Together with Councilman Torres’ funding, the total funding on behalf of both electeds will be $1,025,000 million.
“This is a tragedy that unfortunately keeps occurring in neighborhoods where guns, gangs and violence continue to be a blight,” said Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda. “Hopefully, with united efforts from police, residents and elected officials, we can fight back, with increased enforcement, cooperation with the police, and government funding for safety measures that will go a long way to diminish these tragedies, this urban scourge.”
“What happened this past weekend right here in our community, when a mother who was getting food for her children was shot and killed, is reprehensible. My thoughts and prayers are with her family, whose pain must know no end. Unlike other areas of New York City, the funding for safety and capital improvements here at Lambert Houses and in the West Farms neighborhood is long overdue. I am hopeful that funding from the City and the State that has finally been allocated to be used for our community, crime will decrease and our senior citizens and families will be safe,” said State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr.
“Just like in other parts of the Bronx, the 4-8 deserves its fair share of resources to keep residents safe,” said a spokesman for Councilman Rafael Salamanca. “It’s why all of us here today are committed to continuing to fight for this community until tragedies like the one we are here for today are a distant memory.” 
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