Cuomo Beefs Up Anti-Hate Crimes Efforts

With heightened concerns over anti-Semitic acts in New York and around the country, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday unveiled a push to combat hate crimes.
Cuomo, who met with 50 religious leaders from across the state in New York City, announced a $25 million grant program for schools, community center and day care facilities that would bolster security.
In the fight against hate crimes, New Yorkers can report hate crimes by texting “HATE” to 81336, which would direct them to the state Division of Human Rights.
And Cuomo plans to push for legislation that would expand the state’s human rights law that would include a public-private legal defense fund for immigrants.
The moves come following bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers in New York cities as well as a bomb threat this week aimed at the Anti-Defamation League’s offices in New York City.
“There is no place for hate or discrimination or bigotry in New York,” Cuomo said this afternoon. “And New Yorkers will come together with one voice, as one force, we will find the perpetrators of these hate crimes and it will stop. Period. And we hope that this message that we send in New York today echoes across this country. Because enough is enough.”
(Via Capital Tonight & State of Politics)
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