Letter to the Editor: Dear Allerton International Merchants Association, Spring is Around the Corner

By Gene DeFrancis

Spring is around the corner. And that means… Spring Cleaning.

Every time this year we take the time to remind our neighbors to do their part in keeping Allerton clean. Homeowners and Business owners you are responsible for cleaning 18 inches out from the curb and the tree beds. If you are a corner property that includes around the corner.

If for any reason it is too difficult for you to manage let us know and we will see what we can do to help. Whether your having health issues or work long hours, communicate with us and we will look for the help you need.

As for the ongoing concern of dog waste, clean it up. If it is your dog it is your responsibility to pick up after them. If someone neglects this responsibility and leaves it in front of your property, clean it up immediately. If you leave it you will leave a magnet to attract more waste.

We can not leave any waste behind because the waste attract rats. And the rats and the waste have transmitted disease in the Bronx. We have to be vigilant.

Do not leave large amounts of food on the ground for birds. And when you do pick up dog waste put the dog bag to extra use and carefully pick up any other litter that will safely fit in the bag.

This week we had DSNY provide our neighbors with educational and important information at our meeting. We also met up with NYPD to remove some graffiti.

If you are able and available to volunteer let us know. We can always use an extra hand.

We are in March and still have not received a check to help pay for the Holiday street lights from Centers Health/CenterLight/Beth Abraham. We don’t like owing people money but we do which is why we are launching fundraising events.

* St. Patrick’s Paint Party March 14th, Tuesday
* WrestleMania Party April 2nd, Sunday
* And our Annual Anniversary April 4th, Tuesday.

We truly hope management and the new owners keep their word as to being committed to the community. This has been a great tradition of CenterLight Healthcare sponsoring the Holiday Street Lights. We hope that it is not a sign that Beth Abraham is now owned by Centers Health. Notice what is missing. Light.

We hope they don’t ignore this responsibility and take the Lights out of Allerton. We will do what ever we can to make sure we continue displaying the Holiday Street Lights in 2017. With or without Beth Abraham. But we are stronger together and hope that with new management does not change the relationship.

We love Beth Abraham, their commitment and service they provide our residents. We have had great meetings with management and hope this gets resolved soon.

As for Quality of Life concerns, we have continued conversations with new street lights in our area and had a recent issue with a leaking fire hydrant on Colden Avenue, that has recently iced over during the cold spell, making it hazardous for our residents to walk. We are on top of the situation. In a perfect world we would not have these issues. But we make the best of what life throws at us. In the meantime, be safe and vigilante.

Thank you to the NYPD for a job well done. The recent string of car break in at our local Rite Aid has led to an arrest. According to reports the lookout would stand outside holding the door for change then follow the shopper into the store and communicate with their partner who would be outside breaking into their car.

If you have been victim of this crime and not contacted by the police yet. Reach out to the precinct and the DA’s office to make sure these criminals pay for their crime.

We have to look out for each other. This is a great community I am proud to live in. Everyone who violates our neighbors like this will be brought to justice. We all need to do our part to see this through.

Stop by our office at 930 Allerton. Have a cup of coffee and share some stories with us. Sign up for our upcoming events. Be a part of this community and help make it a cleaner, safer, and a diverse place to live. You should also join our Facebook page Allerton International Merchants Association.

Your community is your business.

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