Heather Hardy: More Than Just A Fighter

By Hans Themistode

Heather Hardy stepped back into the ring March 4th in Brooklyn New York at the Barclays Center against opponent Edina Kiss and delivered her normal terrific performance when she easily outpointed her opponent over eight rounds. Heather is known by her fans as an outstanding undefeated boxer.

However she’s much more than just a terrific athlete. She’s a strong woman and also a proud single mom raising her 13- year old daughter Annie in Brooklyn New York. Growing up Heather has never been the type of girl that played with dolls or had imaginary tea parties. Instead she was more of a Tom boy and enjoying getting her hands dirty and playing sports.

“I was definitely a Tomboy I just loved sports. I grew up wanting to be the first female pitcher for the Yankees so I was never really your traditional girly girl.” Said Heather. Heather who is traditionally shy by nature compared her first time walking to the ring as walking into a gas chamber but was given simple but sound advice from her trainer for her first pro fight, which was only one of you are leaving the ring alive.

Needless to say. she won that fight and has carved out herself a great pro boxing career as she is still undefeated in 19 pro bouts. Watching Heather in the ring displays a fighter that is gritty, tough and determined to win. She didn’t learn these characteristics through her experiences in the ring however but more so through her own personal life experiences.

Growing up in Gerritsen Beach, in South Brooklyn, she witnessed losing her first house in a fire. As unlikely as it seems she than lost her second house because of a flood. She was also sexually assaulted as a 12- year old child. Needless to say stepping into a ring pales in comparison to what she has been through in her life.

“I’ve been through a lot so people may think what I go through in the ring is tough but that’s nothing. I’ve been fighting my whole life so when I get in the ring it’s easy because I know what I’ve been through already.” Said Heather.

Women’s boxing often times doesn’t get the credit and respect it deserves which can be frustrating for a fighter with the talent of Heather.

“A lot of the networks say that women’s boxing doesn’t get the viewerships that they want but they don’t even give it a chance most of the time. I had to beg networks to give me a shot and that’s why I’m so thankful to have my promoter Lou Dibella because he always speaks so highly of me and he gives me so many opportunities to display my talents.”

She added, “I’m just very grateful to have him in my corner.”

She does however feel that women’s boxing is starting to turn a corner and 2017 could lead to much more exposure for not just herself but all women boxers.

“If you look at Mixed Martial Arts the women over there are promoted and placed out there so that the fans can see them. I feel as though boxing is starting to make that jump with women like myself and Claressa Shields. Women’s boxing, I truly believe is going to take a big step forward in 2017.”

Aside from loving to fight Heather has bigger goals that not only include her but most importantly her daughter Annie. “Well first off I just love fighting. I’m a fighter it’s what I do and second and more importantly I don’t just fight for myself I fight for my daughter. I fight to give her a better life and things I’ve never had before.”

The motivation she receives from past experiences in life coupled with the thoughts of providing her daughter everything she never had is fueling Heather to new heights.

Hans Themistode is a freelance sports journalist for the Bronx Chronicle. Comment: themistode@gmail.com

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