Planned Parenthood praises new IDC legislation to shield Title X money in New York State used for vital women’s health services

Planned Parenthood praises new IDC legislation to shield Title X money in New York State used for vital women’s health services

Albany, NY — Members of the Independent Democratic Conference today introduced legislation to protect funding on a state level for vital women’s health services under Title X that have been threatened to be cut nationally and received praise from Planned Parenthood.

The bill, introduced on Tuesday by Senator Tony Avella (D-Queens), and co-sponsored by all IDC members, requires the state to maintain funding levels equal to those available now in the event of future federal budget cuts or a change to federal statute or regulations for Title X funding.

“Throughout my entire career I have always fought for women’s health services. Title X funding provides family planning services including cancer screenings, contraceptive care, infertility services, among other important care. We will not let the federal government impact the health and wellness of women in New York, and I’m proud to sponsor legislation that ensures Title X funding remains at the same level if the federal government tries to play politics with women’s health needs,” said Senator Avella.

“We must ensure that all communities have access to the care they need most. The Independent Democratic Conference understands family planning funding is not a political football. We applaud the IDC for recognizing that Federal attempts to dismantle our state’s health care delivery system is a non-starter in New York State,” said Robin Chappelle Goldstein, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Empire State Acts.

Planned Parenthood, and other organizations, provide important services through Title X funding for family planning, preventative health services, infertility services, contraceptive care, breast and cervical cancer screenings, STD and HIV prevention education, counseling, testing and referrals and other preventative health services.

Funding may also provide training grants for personnel working in family planning services projects and to fund research grants for projects in the biomedical, contraceptive development, behavioral and program implementation fields related to family planning and population. Projects conduct data analysis and related research and evaluation on issues of interest to the family planning field.

“We will not allow the federal government to jeopardize critical women’s health services in the name of politics. Title X funds must stay intact in New York State to ensure that organizations like Planned Parenthood can continue to deliver the care, screenings and services that are vital for women’s wellness,” said IDC Leader Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester).

“Women’s health services are vitally important and this legislation will ensure that we combat any attempt on the federal level to cut services that could negatively impact the health of New Yorkers. The IDC has always stood with Planned Parenthood and we will never allow life-saving preventative health care services and cancer screenings to be taken away from women,” said IDC Deputy Leader David Valesky.

“No woman should ever be deprived the care that she needs because Title X funding was taken away on the federal level. Our health is important and screenings for breast and cervical cancer, for preventative health care, for contraceptive care and family planning should not be ripped away from any woman and we will stand with Planned Parenthood and ensure that we protect these important funds here in New York State,” said Senator Diane Savino (D- SI/Brooklyn).

“The work that Planned Parenthood does for women across New York is incredibly important and deserves to be protected. Women from all over the state depend on the services that they provide, often times when they have nowhere else to turn to. This legislation shows our commitment to their mission,” said Senator Senator Jose Peralta (D-Queens).

“No woman should ever have to choose between their health and paying the bills. Title X funding provides organizations like Planned Parenthood crucial funding for important women’s health services that should never be threatened. Unfortunately, the federal government wants to play games with our health and I’m proud that the IDC has introduced a bill to keep Title X funds intact,” said Senator Marisol Alcantara (D-Manhattan).

“I have always stood with Planned Parenthood and I will never allow the federal government to strip important funding from women’s health services. This legislation ensures that we protect those vital funds that ensure organizations like Planned Parenthood are able to provide life-saving cancer screenings, contraceptive care, and other women’s health services that so many depend on,” said Senator Carlucci (D-Rockland).

“It is unfair to deprive any woman of health care services that she needs. It is absurd that anyone on a federal level would deprive a woman of care and we will not let that impact funding to important organizations like Planned Parenthood,” said Senator Jesse Hamilton (D-Brooklyn).

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