Mayweather-McGregor Fight Will Hype Your Pocket

By Rich Mancuso/Sports Editor

The fight had to be made and now it is set between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor. All that remains is particulars of how much will be sucked out of your pocket to watch this anticipated event on pay–per-view that will be presented and distributed by Showtime. And like the Manny Pacquiao and Mayweather promotion of two years ago,  there will be a press tour that will continue the hype.




You remember that fiasco of a fight in May of 2015, one that did not live up to expectations, sucked money out of your pocket and made boxing look bad again. They talked about doing it and the hype led to a record gross at the gate and the pay-per-view numbers went through the roof.

This one will rival or surpass Pacquiao-Mayweather. And it will probably range around $100.00 dollars or more, and also be available in theaters on closed circuit. That will also rival Pacquiao-Mayweather numbers so this boxer opposing a UFC brawler will make a lot of money.

And more money because the boxing fan wants to prove there is supremacy with their sport and the UFC fans wants the same for their brutality known for punishment and a brawl on the mat.

So why the spectacle? Why spend the money? If you didn’t hear, this is fight has been talked about for a year or more. Mayweather has always been his best at promoting and McGregor sparks as much controversy as the resident who occupies the White House. Talking leads to more hype and that leads to money in pockets of the promoters.

Specifics of who will get what will be finalized in the coming week. And with that there will be a major press tour and one more epic than Pacquiao-Mayweather.  It has always been the hype leads to the fight and there will be hype and fight with the war of words.

Just listen to Dana White. The head of UFC wanted this. His run for the money to rival the sport of boxing is on a decline and McGregor has been his biggest star. Mayweather always looks for a huge payday and his final one will be epic when the check is deposited in his name.

Conor is an absolute knockout artist,” White said in a media conference call Wednesday night. “It’s a fun fight. This isn’t some fight we went out to make or build. This thing built itself. The fans wanted to see this thing , the media went crazy for it and here we go.”  

From this perspective those in the MMA media wanted this fight and were dancing in this streets when the fight was finalized for August 26th to be held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.  A majority of boxing media are not dancing.

Boxing is making this comeback with mega fights this year. We saw that with Keith Thurman opposing Danny Garcia for the unified welterweight titles and a heavyweight title fight, Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko gave the division, always a face for the sport, some prominence again.

The UFC, mixed martial arts of brutality has seen a ratings decline.  So this market needed the fight more, even though Mayweather wanted it just as much. McGregor was the biggest name that White had an just a few months ago and was not an advocate for this fight.

But, White saw the numbers and quickly changed his tune. Lucrative numbers that will go in his pocket, and to Mayweather, McGregor, and the others who will be a part of this spectacle, and there is no other word to describe this fight.

This will be all boxing rules, a 12-round fight at 154-pounds. There will be an undercard  of Mayweather promoted fighters and you can bet that McGregor will be watching that up close. McGregor  said a few months ago at Madison Square Garden, and to boxing media at ringside, that he would be the new face of boxing.

And in the month or more leading up to this fight that needs no hype, you the boxing, MMA and casual fan will buy into the hype. Analyzing why an MMA fighter can’t defeat a pro boxer will also sell more and McGregor will be the huge underdog because Mayweather will use his hands to deliver a knockout.

McGregor can’t take this to the mat, unless he gets a taste of it from a Mayweather punch that so many have seen with that undefeated record of 49-0.

White said this is what the fans wanted and it will be fun. Yes, it will be fun because the money made will laugh him to the bank.  But for the sport of boxing, this can be another fiasco that is not needed, and not at a time when things are looking up.

So, go ahead get sucked in and purchase the  pay-per-view or buy a ticket if one can be had. And go with the hype for a fight that boxing does not need. After all the WWE and watching those guys on the mat is more  creative, less expensive, and goes with a script.

Conor McGregor is scripting of his own reality. And in the boxing world, like him or not, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has always had a purpose. They call him “Money” and hopefully this won’t be a fiasco that takes you to the bank that is called sucker!

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