OPINION: Mayor de Blasio Has No Moral Compass

Mayor de Blasio Has No Moral Compass

by Dennis Conforto

It appears that the only person that Mayor Bill de Blasio is in touch with these days, is with himself. He just cannot help it, because his agenda centers on himself and no longer the city he was elected to serve. It is as if he is stuck in the North Pole and his compass needle just spins in a constant circle. Clearly, he is no longer focused on the people of New York City which he is failing to serve at almost every level. Like many of today’s political elite, Mayor de Blasio can talk the talk, but lacks the skill sets to walk the walk and deliver on that which he talks so passionately about. Mayor de Blasio can talk but he is always walking the wrong walk.

The newly self-appointed Mayor to the world decides it’s a wonderful idea to fly to Germany (using taxpayer money to cover his security detail) to proclaim to the German leftists, that not all Americans agree with President Donald Trump. What? Call me stupid, but I think the German people, even the lefties, know that there has never been an American President that all Americans agreed with.

Everyone in the entire political world already knows the Mayor disagrees with the President and that Trump disagrees with how de Blasio runs New York City. Those known disagreements between these two political leaders have zero impact on the German people or the World. Nonetheless, the mayor jetted off to Germany to tell leftists what they already knew: De Blasio disagrees with Trump.

Mayor de Blasio spoke to an audience of left elitists who think and see the world as he does. In other words, it was a leftist lovefest where these elitists speak to each other about how smart they are and how evil and or stupid those that see the world differently are from themselves.

During de Blasio’s visit, the anti-G20 protest movement that turn violent against the police that resulted in over hundred German police officers being injured. It appears that the police in Germany have the same issues with the Mayor of New York, that the police in NYC have. The truth is simple the Mayor by his actions and deeds doesn’t support law enforcement community because he does and says things that have placed his own police officers in harm’s way.

So, what did the Mayor actually accomplish in going to Germany at a time when one of his police officers was executed on the streets of the city he is sworn to serve?

Well first, he offended New York’s finest, the NYPD. His broken moral compass wouldn’t allow him to stay for the officers grieving the loss of a colleague senselessly murdered while sitting in a mobile command vehicle. Instead, his self-importance impelled him join German radicals instead of comforting those who already feel that he does not have their back.

Second, he got an all-expense paid first class trip to Germany where his son has an internship. The all-expenses paid trip to give a talk he didn’t need to give allowed his to spend time with his son, while the children of Detective Miosotis Familia will never see their mom again. Clearly, his moral compass is broken.

“The mayor is the compass for the City of New York,” Patrick Lynch, head of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association said before the funeral of the slain officer. “And unfortunately, when a police officer got killed, his compass led him to Germany rather than here on the Grand Concourse.”

Once again, at yet another police officer’s funeral, dozens of police officers turned their back to the mayor as he spoke. Because they feel that he doesn’t have their backs, some felt they needed to show him their backs.

Third, the mayor gave a talk that nobody here has read, seen or heard. The reason is simple, nobody cares what he has to say because they can see he doesn’t care to be the moral compass of the city that elected him to be their leader.

Every mistake that could be made on this trip, the Mayor made. What’s worse is he doesn’t care because he knows that shortly it will be old news and old news is no news. Truly, de Blasio is a mayor without a moral compass.

Dennis Conforto is Chairman and CEO of HouseCheck.Dennis Conforto-headshot-2

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