Takin’ It to The Streets

Takin’ It to The Streets
by David Greene

This week we asked Bronxites their thoughts on sanctuary cities and protecting undocumented individuals at the cost of the federal government withholding tens of millions of dollars in resources allocated for U.S. citizens.


“I think the government should look at what’s best for people here overall and not just focus on one specific group. Our representatives should try and fight it, if it’s so costly.”
–Jejoel Carrasquillo, Bedford Park

“I think it will take away all of the money destined for us… the city should protect them, because if they don’t, where will they go? The government shouldn’t withhold the money, they should stop the nonsense. Otherwise how are we going to survive?”
–Alan Peisel, Norwood
TITS-3“Personally, my feelings are that they should consider everyone’s well being and not just the people the bill is protecting. I understand that the illegals are going through a lot to get here now, but I don’t think that other people should pay, by losing funding to different programs that our citizens need. I believe that this will hurt more than do good. By protecting them, our people are going to lose a lot more. All the states should unify, because I don’t want New York to be the one to stand out and say screw them and we’re going to take the money. But unilaterally, everyone should get together and try and fight it.”
–Robert Zamot, Bedford Park
TITS-4“I don’t think that we should be protecting illegal immigrants anyway, first of all we haven’t been able to take care of our own people for the longest time. As (Donald) Trump once said, we should worry about our own people and not worry about supporting the illegal immigrants, we can’t afford that. We have to get the politicians in agreement and rally for them and get them elected and push the issue.”
–Keith Kassner, Van Cortlandt Park South
TITS-5“I haven’t explored the issue enough to answer properly, but the little bit I know tells me that it needs to be abolished. The concept of sanctuary cities should be abolished. It will be unfortunate if the city loses this money… I don’t have any sympathy for illegal aliens, so if we could put the money to better use, for the people who live here, American citizens. This money could go to fixing the subway and repairing our infrastructure. And it’s just insane to protect an illegal alien who has been convicted of a crime.”
–Eliott Retting, Kingsbridge

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