Bronx VA 2017 Summit on Mental Health Recovery: Engaging The Military Family – Sept. 12th

Tuesday September 12, 2017
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM EDT

Join us at the 2017 Bronx VA Summit focusing on Suicide Prevention, Family Services & Access

You will hear about current VA partnerships that have expanded services for active duty personnel, veterans and their families; and from clinicians, providers, veterans and caregiver organizations about their research, lessons learned and current unmet needs in the community.

This Summit is open to Veterans, Families, Mental Health Professionals and to Community Partners providing mental health services to this community.

Reserve your seat today to gain valuable knowledge that could save a life; and engage in discussions concerning:

The 2016 Summit Progress Report & Lessons Learned
VA Executives will review the progress made and lessons learned related to suicide prevention and discuss recent changes that have improved access to services for military members, veterans and their families during the past 12 months.

You will also hear from a Veterans Access Panel made up of Vet Center personnel, Peer Specialists and the NYC Department of Veterans’ Services representatives who will discuss what steps have been taken to improve access care and suggestions for further improvements.

New Insights into Suicide Prevention
Dr. Daniel Coleman will discuss masculinity and it role in suicidal behavior. And you’ll hear from Brett Scudder, a suicide attempt survivor, who will talk about the lived experiences of emotional pain and depression, self-medication, being in crisis; and how clinicians and others can engage someone who may be in immediate risk and get them the support they need.

Family Services Available Through the VA
You will hear about the new VA Caregiver Program and hear from Blue Star Families and NAMI-NYC, organizations that will provide you with information about the unique needs of the caregiver community.

For Additional Information About The 2017 Summit Contact:
Efrion JSmith, LCSW, MBA
Phone: 718-584-9000 Ext. 5432

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