Takin’ It To The Streets

Takin’ It To The Streets
by David Greene

This week we asked Bronxites if President Donald Trump is a racist or is the media portraying him as a racist?
TITS-1“I believe the media is portraying him as a racist, I don’t think he’s an outright racist. I define a person a racist when talking about color. But he’s always been rich and doesn’t understand about the middle class or what being poor really means. So he’s always going to be for the rich, but he said he’s going to make this country great again, and too me he means the upper class. But that doesn’t make him a racist.”
–David Barclift, Van Cortlandt Park South


TITS-2“I don’t know if he’s a racist or not, but whatever he’s doing, whatever he does he’s representing others and that makes him a racist. I think he could be a much better president.”
–Christian Lewis, Williamsbridge



TITS-3“That’s a good question. I don’t really pay attention to the politics. I can’t say if he’s racist or not, but from what I hear he is. I’ve never heard anything from him with my own ears from his voice. He’s just a regular man like us, but he’s the president. He breathes and bleeds just like us.”
–Joseph Cruz, Fordham


TITS-4“Actually he is a racist because he discriminates against everything and actually I hope he gets impeached. First he went after Mexicans and he actually employs them in his hotels, so he’s biased. He’s totally against the American way because he’s a big bully and takes advantage of any situation and as for president, this country is in a bad place. I don’t know how he got elected, I’m ashamed.”
–Miguel Pardo, Westchester Square

TITS-5“I think he’s a racist and he doesn’t even know it. He says racist things and in his mind it’s O.K. He doesn’t know he’s a racist and that’s the way he was brought up and in his thinking, he doesn’t know that’s being a racist. That’s the problem, he can’t relate. He doesn’t care, that’s why he doesn’t apologize and he won’t admit he made a mistake. He’s white privilege and feels he doesn’t have to say sorry.”
–Yahaira Marrero, Norwood

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