Former Council Candidate Julio Pabon Testifies at CFB Meeting

NYC Capaign Finance Board/YouTube

NYC Capaign Finance Board/YouTube

On Thursday morning, former Council District 17 candidate Julio Pabon offered testimony about his campaign’s experience participating in the NYC Campaign Finance Board’s matching funds program. Mr. Pabon offered compliments to the CFB compliance staff and was mildly critical of the auditing staff. Among the problems cited by Mr. Pabon was the CFB staff initially disqualifying or marking as questionable low-dollar cash donations. Fund-raising in one of the nation’s poorest and high unemployment congressional districts was especially difficult said Pabon, who raised most of his money from grassroots contributors in the Bronx.

Due to his testimony, long-time Board member Art Chang suggested that the CFB come up with an app that allows campaigns in low-income areas to be able to accept verified low-dollar cash contributions in the field. Pabon said he was willing to assist.

The Board voted to have the Friends of Julio Pabon committee return $5,339.63 in unspent funds without fines or penalties. Pabon did not contest the CFB’s decision. Video of Mr. Pabon’s testimony can be viewed below:

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