BronxNet Special Focuses on Hurricane & Earthquake Relief for Puerto Rico & Mexico

Bronx viewers will be able to check in on the progress being made in Puerto Rico and Mexico as relief pours in to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and into Mexico after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. The one hour bilingual English/Spanish program is being produced in the BronxNet studio at Mercy College, on Tuesday 9/26. The episode will be broadcast on BronxNet channel 67-Optimum and 33-Fios on Wednesday 9/27 at 8:00pm, Thursday 9/28 at 11:00am, Thursday 9/28 at 4:00pm, Thursday 9/28 at 11:00pm, Friday 9/29 at 7:00am, Friday 9/29 at 6:30pm, Friday 9/29 at 11:30pm, Saturday 9/30 at 6:00am, Saturday 9/30 at 4:00pm, Sunday 10/01 at 10:30am and Sunday 10/01 at 5:00pm.

Host Javier Gomez is connecting viewers via Skype and phone interviews, to people on the ground in Puerto Rico and Mexico. Producer/Reporter Sonia Valentin will update us on the devastation and rebuilding in Puerto Rico and Activist Patricia Carrera will walk us through Mexico City, the center of the earthquake catastrophe as she talks about what’s needed to bounce back. Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. and Assemblyman Marcos Crespo will talk about important relief efforts in our borough. We will hear from Monica Tavares of the Hispanic Federation and Isabel Rodriguez from Puerto Rico. We will also meet local heroes who are giving their time to help those in need.

“We are broadcasting programs to connect you with ways you can help communities in dire need in Puerto Rico and Mexico. We encourage you to watch for specials and updates on OPEN, Dialogo Abierto, and other programs on our channels, website and social media platforms, to find out what you can do to get in touch with loved ones and support relief efforts,” said BronxNet Executive Director Michael Max Knobbe.

BronxNet is the independent not-for-profit organization serving the people of the Bronx with media production training, access to technology, and television channels. BronxNet programs six channels – 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38 on the Verizon FiOs system and six channels – 67, 68, 69, 70, 951 and 952 – on the Optimum system in the Bronx. BronxNet’s ultra-local programming helps connect the Bronx with the world while our training programs and partnerships are a part of community development through media.

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