7 Deadly Sins of Mayor De Zastero: Sloth

By Ruth Papazian


7 Deadly Sins of Mayor De Zastero: Sloth

Rolling into his City Hall office at 10 a.m. after working out at a gym near his home in Brooklyn, Mayor Bill de Blasio (a/k/a De Zastero) habitually crashes on the couch in his office for an afternoon nap with a newspaper covering his face to block out the daylight. Staffers are ordered not to disturb him for 30 to 45 minutes, and are forced to field phone calls, keep visitors cooling their heels and plan his schedule around his nap.

De Zastero was asleep at the switch when major snowstorms hit the city January 2014, January 2016 and January 2017. In each of those storms, numerous streets throughout the city hadn’t been plowed. Residents couldn’t get to work or school, and firefighters and paramedics couldn’t respond to emergency calls (this also suggest that he’s a slow learner).

New York is supposed to be the city that never sleeps, and voters have a right to expect its mayor to be able to stay awake during normal business hours (at a minimum).



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