Pokemon Battle Royale at Landmark ‘Keeper’s House’

Pokemon Battle Royale at Landmark ‘Keeper’s House’
by David Greene

Few residents witnessed the fiery twenty-minute “Pokemon GO” battle that took place recently outside the dedicated landmark, ‘The keeper’s House,’ at 3400 Reservoir Oval East, but it was brutal.

That’s where Norwood residents Kenny Badger and Joe Medina met for the first time, battling, “Vaporeon,” just one of the 143 characters of the still-popular on-line game.

Friend’s in battle, Norwood residents (l-r): share a handshake after a harrowing battle with the  “Vaporeon” outside “The Keeper’s House.”–Photo by David Greene

Badger, one of the 28 million daily players, explained, “I’ve been playing since it came out in July of 2016 until now… I love the Pokemon game, since I found this I’ve been active constantly, I don’t have time to stay in my house.”

Medina agreed, “My kids got me into it in the beginning and I was playing with them and they kind of got tired of it and I couldn’t let the game go half-way.”

A close-up of the Pokemon GO character “Vaporeon.”–Photo by David Greene

The object of the game is to go out and capture or defeat all of the characters.

Their battle with Vaporeon may not wind up in the history books like “The Battle of Gun Hill,” but will forever remain in their browser history.

The Keeper’s House was built in 1889 and was declared a historic landmark in 1999. Today it houses the offices of the Mosholu Preservation Corporation and the Norwood News publication.

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