Council Member Gibson Says No to Joseph Cassano Rejoining the FDNY

Council Member Gibson’s Statement on Joseph Cassano joining the FDNY

Speaking out in opposition to the FDNY’s decision to hire ex-EMT worker Joseph Cassano, CM Vanessa Gibson said, “There is no place for bigotry or hatred in the City of New York, especially when it comes to those sworn to protect New Yorkers. It is disappointing and disturbing that a man who was forced out of his job as a NYC EMT for racist, sexist, and antisemitic tweets could be sworn in as firefighter just 4 years later.”

“Joseph Cassano’s hateful words speak for themselves, as does his deeply concerning choice to leave an injured African American child behind to wait for a nearby ambulance, which is against protocol. First responders have a moral duty to treat all emergencies equally and sadly, we cannot be sure Mr. Cassano will do that.”

“I strongly urge Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner Nigro to reconsider Mr. Cassano’s inclusion at today’s swearing in ceremony.”

Gibsin joins Co-op City Councilman Andy King and others who have spoken out in opposition to Cassano’s hiring.

Today, members of the City Council’s Black Latino and Asian Caucus and Jewish Caucus, along with members of the Vulcan Society Inc., NAACP and National Action Network will hold a press conference today, Dec. 11th, 12:30 p.m., at City Hall’s steps, to denounce the FDNY’s hiring of Joseph Cassano.

Cassano had quit his former FDNY job as an EMT in 2013 after his hateful tweets against blacks, Jews and others were exposed. Cassano is expected to report for his first day of training at the FDNY training academy today.

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