Chazz Palminteri Returns to Belmont with New “Bronx Tale” Collection

Chazz Palminteri Returns to Belmont with New “Bronx Tale” Collection
by David Greene

Actor Chazz Palminteri returned to his favorite bakery in his old neighborhood of Belmont, to announce a new memorabilia line based on his 1993 film and current Broadway show, “A Bronx Tale.”

Chazz Palminteri shakes hands with his favorite pastry maker, Jerome from Gino’s Pastry Shop.–Photo by David Greene

Palminteri held court at Gino’s Pastry Shop on East 187 Street on Tuesday, November 21, where he announced a deal with New Rochelle-based Steiner Sports, that would produce a memorabilia line based on “A Bronx Tale,” that included signed baseballs, miniature street signs and subway signs and autographed baseballs with the actors signature.

Framed glass street sings are among the Bronx Tale Collection now available by Steiner Sports.–Photo by David Greene

Holding the framed Belmont Avenue street sign in his hands, near the bottom of the frame were the words, “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent,” a line from the popular film.

The actor explained the words, recalling, “My dad wrote this on an index card and even to this day… that was one of the things that really motivated me to not waste my life. I said well, if I have talent, I don’t want to waste it.”

“I have tremendous pride that I come from this neighborhood,” Palminteri continues, “too many people want to forget where they come from. I want to remind people where I came from.” He’d later add, “The Bronx has made a big, big comeback and it’s beautiful right now.”

After turning down a $1 million offer from a Hollywood studio, Palminteri met Roberto DeNiro and the two immediately shook hands on a deal where Palminteri would write the screen play and star in A Bronx Tale and DeNiro would eventually direct the blockbuster film.

Palminteri says of that film, “I did 60 films and they still talk about ‘A Bronx Tale.'” The film celebrates it’s 25th anniversary next year.

The Steiner collection, consisting of framed subway signs, vintage street signs, display cases, autographed baseballs as well as signed photos of the actor and range in price from $29.95 to $200 and can be purchased online at:

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