WYSK: My New Year’s Prayers

Councilman-elect Ruben Diaz, Sr.

What You Should Know – My New Year’s Prayers
By Senator Rev Rubén Díaz

What you should and already know is that the year 2018 is almost here. You should know that on December 31st while thousands of people choose to spend long hours on Time Square waiting for the famous Times Square Ball to drop announcing the New Year 2018, millions of others like me choose to spend that time in church awaiting the New Year on their knees in prayer.

It is also important for you to know that it is a tradition that while on our knees, waiting for the clock to strike 12:00 midnight, people are praying and making their wishes for the New Year.

Many people present special wishes for their loved ones, their friends, and their foes. They petition God for things that they would like to see happen during the coming year.

I, for one, every year through this column, let my love ones, friends, and foes know exactly what my petitions or wishes are for them. So here are my new year’s wishes:

  1. For State Senator Mike Gianaris, I ask that he be motivated to stop a very credible, and an already in full gear, and well-funded Democratic challenger in the upcoming Democratic primaries.
  2. For the newly elected city councilman, Mark Gjonaj, I ask the Good Lord that he restore his peace by removing the anger and frustration he feels, as a result of the treasonous actions taken by his so-called friends and supporters during that last election.
  3. My hope for Mayor Bill de Blasio is that God almighty remove from him his ill- conceived obsession of restructuring our city streets and putting bus and bicycle lanes throughout the city. Oh Lord! Let him see that this has only served to create traffic jams and a traffic mess like never seen before.
  4. For the New York State Senate Democrats, I ask that the independent Democratic Conference (I.D.C.) and the regular Democratic Conference learn once and for all that twenty-three plus eight does not make thirty-two. I ask for a revelation, that they realize that 32 joining together does not give the Democrats majority, instead it will hand Jeff Klein more power and will lead to more members joining his conference.
  5. For Governor Andrew Cuomo, I ask that his many trips to Puerto Rico will bring forth the fruits he expects from the millions of Puerto Ricans residing in the 50 states. This will prove beneficial when he decides to run for President of the Unites States.
  6. For Joe Percoco, I ask that he be found innocent of all charges brought against him by the ‘federales’ — so that, his good friend and brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo could sleep well and be able to concentrate on his plans in becoming POTUS.
  7. For Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda: I ask that the New Year finally free him from the “torture” of being in the NYS Assembly, where his talent and education as a lawyer are being wasted. I ask that when he moves to the NYS Senate his talents as an attorney can be used in the Senate’s Judiciary Committee.
  8. For the City and State weekly magazine, I ask that this magazine be granted the ability to survive without Gerson Borrero’s contribution. There are many that say that without Borrero the magazine is boring.
  9. For City Councilman Corey Johnson, I ask that he be able to fulfill all of the commitments and promises he made prior to having be selected as Speaker to the NYC City Council.
  10. For the thousands of livery taxi drivers in New York City, I ask that once and for all The Taxi and Limousine Commission finally recognize their abuses, persecutions, and discriminatory practices imposed on hard working livery drivers. I ask that the TLC cease such abusive policies. I ask that they recognize that their actions of entrapments and fines of thousands of dollars for traffic infractions, that are not applicable to regular drivers, come to an end. Please reveal to them the error of their ways.
  11. For New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, I ask that he finally responds to our request for him to take a real good look at who and how the NYS Livery Taxi Compensation funds are being administered. !Por favor!
  12. For Curtis Sliwa I ask that God grant him healing, much strength and a speedy recovery.
  13. For Bronx Democratic County Chairman Marcos Crespo, I ask that he continue to be a skillful leader, and chairman. He demonstrated great leadership and chairmanship when he masterfully negotiated the next city council speaker. He made us proud to be under his leadership.
  14. To NYS Senator Marisol Alcantara that all those feminist leaders and their followers realize that Marisol is a woman and she deserves to be fully supported by them if they are sincere in their movement to promote women. Oh, Oh, excuse me I forgot that Marisol Alcantara is a Latina woman.
  15. To Freddy “Fredito” Perez, Jr., that many, many, doors keep opening for him, and that he becomes Number 1 in his business.
  16. Last, but not least, for Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, I ask that the New Year brings her the title and honor she, as a well qualified, hard-working African American woman had earned and rightfully deserves, President of the New York State Senate.

This is Senator Rubٞén Díaz and this is what you should know.

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