First Winter Storm of 2018 Slams the Bronx

First Winter Storm of 2018 Slams the Bronx
by David Greene

One of the strongest winter storm to hit the northeast in years has blanketed the east coast, dumping up to 8 – 12 inches in the Bronx in the first major storm of the year.

The National Weather Service has stated that the winter storm arrived in the early morning of Thursday, January 4, with wind gusts of up to 50 miles-per-hour with white-out condition. Forecasters say the snow will be followed by sub-zero temperatures and predict a wind chill of 20 below zero.

Worker’s begin shoveling out businesses along White Plains Road in Wakefield.–Photo by Jamilah Vizcarrondo

At City Hall today, Mayor Bill de Blasio stated, “This is a very serious storm, this is a tough situation in the city.”

The mayor also stated that all public school’s were closed today, but expected to be open Friday.

The Department of Sanitation reported that 693 salt spreaders and 1,500 snow plows were busy clearing the roads with worker’s rotating in 12-hour shifts.

A man plows the side of his house on Hone Avenue.–Photo by David Greene

A Code Blue is in effect so anyone who sees any homeless people on the street or in the subway or anyone without heat or hot water are urged to call 311 immediately.

De Blasio added, “When it’s this cold sometimes people try to find any means to stay warm, that can be dangerous. Be careful with extension cords, with heaters or keeping an oven door open or using candles, anything like that can be a danger.

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