Transit Tundra [PHOTOS]

Transit Tundra
by David Greene

A burst water pipe leading to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s transit system’s # 2 and 5 line along White Plains Road at East 220 Street created a icicle estimated at 15-feet long. Few passersby stopped to look at the amazing site, observed on Sunday, January 7, with temperatures in the Bronx this past week barley breaking 20 degrees. A police officer who spotted the potential hazard to any vehicles or people underneath and stated that the MTA had been notified. The unidentified officer only semi-joked when he added, “By the time they get out there, it will probably be touching the ground.” The National Weather Service predicts that temperatures this coming week could hit a balmy 50.

A passerby pays no attention to the 15-foot gusher frozen from an MTA water pipe outside of the Miracle Provider Church on White Plains Road.–Photo by David Greene

Water flowed from a burst water pipe and quickly froze, possibly creating the world’s longest icicle along White Plains Road and East 220 Street.–Photo by David Greene

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