Klein Unveils ‘One New Yorker’ Budget Agenda for 2018 Session

Klein Unveils ‘One New Yorker’ Budget Agenda for 2018 Session

Ahead of the 2018 New York State Legislative Session, Senator Jeff Klein and the Independent Democratic Conference released their ‘One New Yorker’ budget agenda that covers a broad swath of some of the most pressing issues faced by residents in The Bronx and throughout the entire state.

One of the signature pieces of the comprehensive set of proposals that Senator Klein will prioritize in 2018 is voting reform, which includes early voting, no-excuse absentee voting, automatic voting registration and expanded voter registration deadlines to create a healthier, well-participated democracy in New York.

Another central pillar of the budget agenda is a Rider Relief Plan that will invest crucial funding into the crumbling Metropolitan Transportation Authority for immediate repairs, a fare freeze for all riders, discounted MetroCards for the neediest individuals and an Express Bus fare reduction.

Senator Klein will also prioritize ensuring New York taxpayers are not devastated by the ill-conceived Congressional tax overhaul as part of the One New Yorker budget agenda by preserving the State and Local Tax Deduction (SALT) under state law so residents are not double taxed.

The One New Yorker budget agenda also includes expanding afterschool, kindergarten and pre-K programs, easing the debt burden of college graduates, protecting workers’ rights to unionize and collectively bargain, helping residents stay in their homes and out of shelters, making New York more affordable for seniors and investing in our immigrant communities.

You may view the One New Yorker budge agenda in its entirety here.

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