Not The End For Brady and the Pats

By Rich Mancuso/ Sports Editor

Sure this was an Eagles win and first Super Bowl victory with the Lombardi Trophy. And for sure this was not the last time Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick will be seen together on the same field with the New England Patriots. The 41-33 loss Sunday night failed to achieve back-to-back Super Bowl titles and sure there will be some changes.

But for Brady and Belichick the challenge and fun will continue. This is a proud New England franchise that came up short to an Eagles team that was bound for destiny.As time progresses so does change and it is expected there will be some adjustments to the Patriots defense along with some new coaches to replace the one or two who move on off the Patriots success.

This was the third Super Bowl loss for Tom Brady that go along with two attributed to Eli Manning and the Giants and by all means this does not indicate the Brady era is over. At 40- years old, the future Hall of Famer passed for 505 yards and three touchdowns in this up-and-down championship game.

But Nick Foles the MVP quarterback of the Eagles and success story of the NFL was just as good. The deficiency of the Patriots this season was allowing too many points get into the end zone even though they were touted to have this superior defensive ability.

It was not the flaws of Tom Brady this time. It was the Eagles defense that prevented Brady and the Pats from pulling off another of those late miracles and a repeat of that epic overtime Super Bowl win last February against the Falcons.

True Tom Brady is nearing an end to this spectacular career and a matter of time when enshrinement waits to the NFL Hall of Fame.

He is the enemy always and so is his coach as any successful combination in sports becomes a target. For now the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans can enjoy this victory and parade down Broad Street bringing the first sports championship to their city since the Phillies took the World Series in 2008.

For now Tom Brady and his coach are questioning what went wrong Sunday night in another Super Bowl that will be talked about for a long time. And you can count on the fact they are not done and will be back at it again around this time come next February.

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