PRESS RELEASE: Senator Jamaal T. Bailey Informs Constituents on their Unclaimed Funds

Senator Jamaal T. Bailey Informs Constituents on their Unclaimed Funds

(MOUNT VERNON, NY) Senator Jamaal T. Bailey announced along with the State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli and local elected officials the amount of unclaimed funds in the 36th Senatorial District and how constituents can access that information.

Unclaimed funds is money that has been turned over to the state until it’s rightful owner claims it. In most cases, unclaimed funds accounts come from old bank accounts, accounts from insurance companies, uncashed checks, utility deposits, and stocks. In the 36th Senatorial District, the State Comptroller’s office identified 199,945 residents with unclaimed funds accounts, which generated a total of $122,342,048.34 unclaimed in the district.

“I am always glad to help out the families and residents of my district. As a father of two young daughters, I understand the costs that come with providing and raising a family and how beneficial extra funds can be. I think its important to inform constituents about the possibility of these funds and guide them towards accessing this money,” said Senator Jamaal Bailey.

“I salute Senator Bailey, and Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, for reaching out to the people of Mount Vernon – every person who is able to claim an unclaimed funds check will be thankful for their diligence and hard work,” said County Executive George Latimer.

“Most individuals remain unaware that money could be owed to them and sitting in the state’s unclaimed funds account. To working- and middle-class family, every penny counts and I encourage citizens to access the state comptroller’s database to see if they have any unclaimed funds. I thank Senator Bailey for making this announcement, and offer my office’s help to anyone who needs assistance filing unclaimed funds paperwork,” said Senator Jeff Klein.

“Many individuals and families may not realize that the State of New York owes them money. I’m proud to support this initiative. Returning money to our taxpayers is a great thing. I encourage every Mount Vernon resident to sign up and see if there is money owed to them. The City of Mount Vernon is proud to stand with Senator Jamaal Bailey in working for our residents,” said Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas.

“I am always happy to stand with State Senator Bailey as he continues to bring funds to Mount Vernon,” said Mount Vernon City Council President Lisa Copeland.

“I am excited to stand with Senator Bailey in helping our community find out if they have any uncollected funds owed to them. Because of this important information, I was able to find that I was on the list. Thank you Senator Bailey for enriching our lives,” said Council Member Andre Wallace.

“I am delighted that the NYS Comptroller is working with Senator Jamaal Bailey and the state legislature instituted a transparent process for residents to recover funds held in dormant accounts with banks and other financial institutions. I encourage Mount Vernon residents to use this process to recover money that might be owed to you,” said County Legislator Lyndon Williams.

The best way for residents to view if they have any unclaimed funds is by visiting, or by calling 1-800-221-9311. If residents have unclaimed funds, they are guided by the state comptroller’s office through the process of claiming the money.

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