Residents Get Last Crack at Free Tax Preparation

by David Greene
Dozens of Bronxites took advantage of a long-running program developed by Ridgewood Savings Bank and hosted at the office of Community Board 12, where accountants assisted residents in the filing of their 2017 taxes.
The office of Community Board 12, located on White Plains Road, barley had enough chairs for the overflow crowd at the event, held on Saturday, March 10.
According to Janice Martin, a branch manager for Ridgewood, 52 residents were able to get their taxes done free during the 1-day event.
Martin stated, “It was a free event that the bank does every year,” where Ridgewood brings in a team of accountants from their partners with Ariva Tax Services, a collaboration that has continued for at least the last six years.
Martin explained, “Yes, they were really, really busy, we had six or seven tax specialists there on Saturday.”
Martin also mentioned one last free event on Saturday, March 17, at the Ridgewood Savings Bank, located at 711 Allerton Avenue, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., that is completely booked.
Martin explained that those eligible to participate in the free tax assistance program are for EZ-form filers, including a single filer with no dependents who earned less than $30,000 or a EZ-form filer with dependents who earned less than $54,000.
Martin says she has 10 slots for 12 seasons and have extended the bank’s day by two hours. She added, “Of course they can come in and feel free to have some coffee,” and get on a special waiting list and they will assist as many clients as possible.
Those who would like to call ahead, can reach the Ridgewood Savings Bank at (718) 882-2220.

Branch manager Janice Martin and Ridgewood Savings Bank Vice President Domenico Ciaccio help some of the 52 Bronxites who got their taxes done free at Community Board 12.–Photo by David Greene

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